Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Jackson Prep’s definition of an “international” student?

    If you are not a permanent resident or citizen of the United States or, if in the course of the application process, Jackson Prep determines that a criteria for admission is enrollment in our Cultural Immersion Program, you are required to apply as an international student.
  • In what grades can international students apply?

    Jackson Prep accepts international students in grades 7-11.  If younger students wish to apply, please contact the JPIP office.
  • How does the application process work?

    After a student has completed the online application form, submitted the necessary supporting documents, and taken either the Jackson Prep admission test or ISEE, he/she will be contacted to schedule a Skype interview. A final decision will be made after that interview.

    If accepted, immediately following the issuance of the acceptance decision, the student will receive an enrollment packet from the school via mail. This packet will include a copy of your Admissions Letter, a Tuition Statement, and Enrollment Contract. The student will then have two weeks to return those contracts along with a $5,000 USD non-refundable deposit. Once those items are received, the student is officially “enrolled,” securing his/her seat in the upcoming class.
  • When should I apply?

    Jackson Prep International Program practices rolling admissions, meaning that students can apply as early as they like. Seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and are competency-based. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible beginning in the fall of the year prior to attending (example: apply in fall 2023 for entry in August 2024). 
  • What do I need to do to complete the application process?

    1. Complete the application form.
    2. Provide a copy of your passport.
    3. Provide a mini bio (under 500 words).
    4. Provide a certified copy of your academic record (transcript) from the previous two years until the time of your application that is translated into English and scaled to the American (100 point) system.
    5. Provide official results of the TOEFL test.
    6. Complete the Jackson Prep Admission Test or provide an ISEE score.
    7. Complete a video interview.

    After acceptance, submit the following:

    1. Immunization/shot record
    2. Birth certificate
    3. Financial statement, certified by a bank
  • In addition to the TOEFL, what other language test scores will Jackson Prep accept?

    Jackson Prep prefers to collect the TOEFL test score for international student applicants. However, in an effort to offer convenient testing options to students in every nation and from a variety of originating sources, including educational institutions and language centers, Jackson Prep can accept the results from any one of the following seven pre-approved tests: SLEP, ELTiS, TOEFL, iBT, TOEFL-PB, TOEFL JR, SLATE (ITEP), or IELTS.

    The TOEFL test score is one of the English proficiency elements considered in the admission process. The student's communication skill, including listening and speaking during the interview, is another English proficiency element. Official test results should be sent directly to Jackson Prep's International Student Program Office at JPIP@jacksonprep.net. For questions related to the English Language Proficiency Standards, or any part of the application process, please contact Jane Zhu at jzhu@jacksonprep.net.  Jackson Prep’s TOEFL code is B371.

    In addition to  submitting the TOEFL score, students have the option to audit regular classes for one semester.  During the period of auditing, students will have the opportunity to sharpen language and communication skills. With an excellent academic performance, students could be admitted the following school year upon completion of the application process.
  • If I’m applying during the school year, what should I do about my final semester transcripts?

    When you apply to the Jackson Prep International Program, we ask for copies of your transcripts from the previous two years through the present day. Because you were likely still completing the current semester at the time of your application, the results of your final performance in your home country will not be included in our admission records. When you complete your final semester in your home country, it is important that you provide us with a copy of a translated official transcript for any coursework completed that was not included in your application documents.
  • What is the Skype Interview Process?

    As a part of the admission process, international students are asked to interview with the JPIP Admission Committee. 

    The pre-scheduled interviews are conducted over Skype and usually last 30-60 minutes. The primary goals of the interviews are to evaluate an applicant’s English skills and to get to know the applicant as an individual.

    Topics covered in the interview are designed to evaluate the student’s academic and social abilities and to gain a better understanding of the student’s goals and expectations. At the conclusion of the interview, students are afforded the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about Jackson Prep in order to assist them as they are making their enrollment decision.
  • How will I obtain my student visa if I apply to Jackson Prep?

    Upon the issuance of an acceptance decision, the accepted student will receive an enrollment packet from the school, via mail. This packet will include a copy of your Admission Letter, a Tuition Statement, and Enrollment Contract.  The I-20 documents needed to obtain an F-1 visa will be issued and mailed out after full tuition is received. Upon receipt of those documents, the student will make an appointment with the local consulate to apply for his/her visa.
  • What happens to my deposit if I am rejected for my visa?

    Jackson Prep is well-equipped to assist with immigration and student visa needs. In the rare event that a student is rejected for his/her visa after two good faith attempts, the entirety of his/her deposit will be refunded.
  • What medical considerations will I need to make to study in the US?

    At the time of enrollment, each student will need to submit their immunization (shot) record ( MS I-121 form). When you arrive, Jackson Prep will review your immunization records. If you are missing the necessary documents to support that you’ve received any of the required immunizations, you will have to complete the shots at the county health department before you start school.

    If you plan on participating in sports while at Jackson Prep you will need to complete the Mississippi Athletic Pre-participation Form.

    All international students need a medical insurance policy while attending school in the US. CLICK HERE. to see a list of insurance providers.

    If you have any questions about the requirements, please contact us. It would be our pleasure to assist you and your home country physician in completing the process before arrival.
  • What is included in my international tuition, fees and consumables payment?

    International tuition and fees include the following:

    • Tuition/Boarding/Tech Fee
    • Annual Enrollment Fee
    • Activity Fee
    • Jackson Prep Foundation Membership fee (first year only)
    • International Students 1st year Matriculation and Orientation (first year only)
    Money is also collected for uniform and personal spending for use as needed throughout the year. This money belongs to the student and is disbursed as needed. 
  • When is international tuition due?

    A $5,000 USD non-refundable tuition deposit is due within two weeks of receiving your admission decision. The remainder of tuition is due before the I-20 is issued and mailed.
  • When will I travel to the United States? When does school start?

    School usually begins the second week of August. Students will need to arrive at school 5-7 days prior to the first day of school.
  • Will there be an orientation to help me be successful at Jackson Prep?

    All international students admitted to Jackson Prep will need to finish the PAL (Pre-Arrival Learning) program as an orientation in their first year. School will have a campus orientation before the school year begins
    Jackson Prep features a Global Ambassador program, whereby Jackson Prep students volunteer to mentor new international students one-on-one. Global ambassadors reach out to their international students through email and social media, starting in the summer, and attend international student orientation to assist with welcoming the new students into the Jackson Prep family.
  • What is a Student Ambassador?

    Jackson Prep features a Student Ambassador Program. As part of the program, Jackson Prep students volunteer to mentor new international students on a one-on-one basis. Student Ambassadors reach out to international students beginning in the summer prior to the student's arrival. They also attend the JPIP summer camp, welcoming new students into the Jackson Prep family.
  • How will my parents communicate with the school about my progress and well-being?

    Direct communication between the school and parents is vital to student success. Please contact us if you have a question or an issue. It would be our pleasure to facilitate a translator when needed to ensure proper communication. Due to international time differences, email is sufficient for most communication. 
  • How will I handle money/banking?

    Students will need to come to the United States with a functioning credit card to cover expenses. 
  • How will I obtain a phone plan?

    Students will need to obtain their cell phone plan for their needs upon arrival in the United States.
  • What is Jackson Prep’s approach to technology?

    At Jackson Prep, we have taken large strides toward bringing relevant technology into the classroom and giving our teachers efficient and creative ways to teach and interact with students. We believe students must continue to grow as self-directed learners; choice plays an important role for students as they decide what to explore and pursue. The future will bring much more online learning and students will not only need to be aware of their own thought processes but also be willing to collaborate and participate in their learning community.

    Secondly, teachers will need to be able to help students pursue their interests through research and collaboration via the Web. Teachers must be able to help students distinguish untrustworthy websites from reputable sources. Evaluating resources is a skill that students will use throughout their education, careers, and lives.
  • What electronic device (computer/tablet) do I need to bring with me?

    Jackson Prep is guided by three major principles as it relates to the student use of individual technology:  

    1. Jackson Prep is a multi-platform school;
    2. Jackson Prep believes parents should choose the device for their student’s use in school; and
    3. Jackson Prep believes that student use of technology should be grade and age appropriate. Students are required to bring their own laptop or tablet to Jackson Prep. Helpful information on which type of device will work best for your students can be found here.
    Although the brand of the device is up to you, the wireless adapter must have a Single Band 5Ghz Wifi card. 
  • Will I be able to play sports at Jackson Prep?

    Athletics inherently involve competition. Some sports at Jackson Prep are extremely competitive and require tryouts to determine participation while others allow any athletically eligible student to join. With fifteen athletic teams from which to choose, there is a place for everyone; however, the type of sport will be based on skill level and availability.

    International students are required to complete additional paperwork for athletic eligibility. Included in that paperwork is a copy of the student’s translated and scaled official transcript from his/her home country, beginning in the 8th grade and continuing to the present. Students with incomplete documentation will have their eligibility delayed or possibly rejected.

    Students in the United States are granted a total of four years of athletic eligibility, beginning in the ninth grade (regardless of whether they were in the US or another country when they started that grade). Once a student enters the ninth grade, his/her four years of eligibility begins. This applies to all students whether or not they have played sports.
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